Joel Sioson

Myphone Uno - A Taste of Android Marshmallow

After my unsuccessful attempt at owning an SKK Lynx (read story here), my wife offered me another chance to replace my aging cellphone since Christmas is just around the corner.

This time around, I was aiming for a smaller Android unit, less than the common 5-inch screeners so that I can comfortably carry it in my pocket. And with our recent delightful experience with Lazada (read review here), I decided to shop online again.

To cut the story short, I found another fabulous online deal - Myphone Uno for only 2,100 Pesos!

Lazada Myphone Uno  pack

Basically it's just an entry-level phone, with less than average specs than what is currently found in the market. Big brother Google wanted to make Android accessible for the masses that's why it partnered with local manufacturers to offer affordable cellphones under its Android One program.

Myphone Uno contents

Aside from its low price, what made me go after Myphone Uno was the guarantee from Google that the phone will receive continuous updates for the next two years. So it means that I'll get to experience fresh Android servings first-hand even before it gets rolled out to the rest of the Android world!

Since I wasn't expecting much from this phone, I was a bit amazed at what this little gadget has to offer.

Android Lollipop Out-of-the-box: (Upgradeable to Marshmallow 6.0, Apps automatically install on external SD card)

myphone uno cellphone Android lollipop

Pretty Decent Camera: Snappier focus, more subtle flash (picture taken with good lighting)

Impressive Battery Life: Two (2) freaking days!!!

Experimental Android Features: System tuner appears by press-holding gear icon in notification bar.

I guess, I was most impressed with the upgrade to Android 6.0.1 -- all bloatware was gone and a measly 400Mb (approx.) was used by the latest Android OS. The camera was fined-tuned and battery became a beast. By the way, a hidden game can also be accessed by pressing the Android Marshmallow logo after activating it in System Settings ( About phone > Android version).

myphone uno hidden game

a screenshot of taking a screenshot in MM
Overall, Marshmallow is a real sweet Android experience.

As of press time, Lazada returned (marked up?) the Myphone Uno to its original price of P4,700.

Myphone Uno Specifications:
  • Android L
  • 1.3Ghz Quad-Core
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 4Gb ROM
  • 5MP Camera + 2MP Front Camera
  • 4.5" IPS Display
  • 1700mAh Li-Polymer
  • Dual Sim 
  • Comes with FREE Smart Sim and 8Gb SD card