Joel Sioson

My First Lazada Experience

In the not so distant past, online stores conveyed a seemingly bad reputation of selling defective products, late deliveries or inflated prices.

But now times have changed as online shopping websites are rapidly becoming more popular among Filipinos. This urged me to try this emerging web service.

One of the fastest growing online shopping website is Lazada and a number of my colleagues claim to have a good experience with it. Fortunately, I was also scouting for a gift for my young kids since the holidays is just around the corner -- I'm thinking of giving them an electronic keyboard.

After comparing prices at music stalls located in SM, I found out that Lazada's price for the same item was way cheaper. Although still skeptical, I created an account at Lazada and submitted my order with the cash-on-delivery as the check-out option (just to be sure).

A few hours after, I was surprised to receive an email confirmation that my order was already being shipped although the delivery time frame in their website states that I'll be receiving my item within 3-4 days.

lazada delivery

It was pretty amazing that in just 24 hours, my order was already delivered by Lazada and was in good condition. I prepared a letter of authorization for my wife since I'll be out for work, but the delivery guys told her that they only require it for credit card purchases, not for COD's.

The package also contained a return slip (LBC), already paid by Lazada should there be any defects or issues with the product. By the way, the price at SM was around 1,800 Php and I got it from Lazada for only 950 Php. It was such a bargain! Here are some pictures of the electronic keyboard:

In my first attempt at online shopping, I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with Lazada.