Joel Sioson

Revive a Broken Cherry Mobile Tablet

Within a few months, the brand new Cherry Mobile Fusion Storm tablet broke (read my review here). Thanks to my kid who liked to carry it around the house, the tablet's LCD broke when he accidentally dropped it while trying to show off his newly downloaded Star Wars Angry Birds app. When I tried to power it on, I also found out that the gadget got stuck on the logo during reboot.

A relatively new tablet with a busted LCD

This is one of the perks of having a toddler inside the house. ;)

Many say that having a cheap tablet repaired is as good as buying a brand new unit so I thought that was the end of it - I'll just save to buy a new (and much reliable) tablet someday. Fortunately, the McGyver in me found a way to revive the broken gadget.


The revival was made possible by simply disconnecting the battery from the gadget. Then it successfully pushed through with the reset procedure (press and hold power + volume buttons). Since the LCD screen is busted, I connected the tablet to our television via HDMI. Cable was brought from CDR King at 120 Pesos.

Update: Since the unit is beyond warranty coverage, I took the liberty to toy with it and flashed it with a Novo Ainol Mini 8 ROM.

I also installed the Google launcher and it's a bundle of fun to see my kid and wifey play with its voice command feature direct on our TV screen -- totally priceless.