Joel Sioson

Pinoy Henyo Words Eat Bulaga

I've been wondering how I can submit "henyo words" for Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo segment. Aside from the T-shirt, I also want my name flashed on the TV screen should my entry be chosen.

With the help of Google, I came across a Facebook page titled "Pinoy Henyo".  Many people thought it's for real however, the admin of the FB page is honest enough to admit that it is just a fan page, thus unofficial.

Here's the official Eat Bulaga Facebook page.
Also, I found out that is being used by the Eat Bulaga FB staff. I wonder if people can send in entries through this email address.

Anyhow, here's a list of Pinoy Henyo words that I think will be a little difficult to guess -- be it on TV or a mere casual play:
  1. Lotto
  2. Bolitas (Pellets)
  3. Juan dela Cruz (Band/Name)
  4. Tinga (Food bits)
  5. Arnibal (Syrup / Honey?)
  6. Rainbow (Bahag-hari)
  7. Agiw (Spider web)
  8. Parisukat (Square)
  9. Linta (Leech)
  10. Alugbati (Spinach)
  11. Lagnat (Fever)
  12. Alingawngaw (Echo)
  13. Bubuli (Sand lizard)
  14. Kutob (Intuition)
  15. Patilya (Side burn)