Joel Sioson

Online Bidding at

An auction is sales process wherein goods or services are awarded to the highest bidder.

Personally, I don't think I can get good bargains from bidding as the price of the item usually skyrockets especially when it's perceived to be valuable by the participants.

There was a time when I suggested to organize an auction for a school club's fund-raising project. The items auctioned were simple privileges that students can enjoy inside the school and it turned out a huge success (read: students shelling out more money). I kinda feel guilty about the whole thing but it was for a good cause anyway. brings this old sales process online with a new twist. Instead of awarding the item to the highest bidder, the lowest and unique bid "brings home the bacon." Their website banner states "All gadgets you wanted less than P100."

Upon signing up, you will get a P50 credit to your account so you can participate right away in the auctions. I managed to win a P200 credit in one auction for newbies. Here is the image they emailed the day after I won.

Each auction goes through three phases: blue (place 1 bid and get 1 bid free), yellow (3 bids + 1 free) and red (last phase, no free bid) before a winner is selected. You win if your bid is the lowest amount and unique i.e. no other bidders entered the same amount. It may take a while before an auction closes so you need to have a lot of patience if you really want to win.

Some of the gadgets that they have offered in the auctions included an ipad mini, canon eos, sony experia cellphone and others.

Will Filipinos buy it? Let's see.